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The healthcare profession is an incredibly rewarding and respected career. Although it is exciting and dynamic it is ultimately about helping people

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Meet Our Doctors and Therapists
Professional healthcare

Dr. Wenda Dai

Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Medicine

Dr. Amanda Zheng

Doctor of Naturopath, Doctor of Medicine

Shirin Modarresi

Physiotherapist Resident, MSc, MPT, PhD

Jenny Latosquin

Osteopathic Manual Therapist

Dr. Mikyung Kim

Doctor of Naturopath, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Helen Yi Zhang

Doctor of Naturopath, Doctor of Medicine
Conditions and Treatments
And Many Other More Solutions to Your Health Concerns
Tendinitis; Plantar Fascitis
Shockwave Therapy
IV Therapy
Inflammation; Sprains
Ultrasound Therapy
Nerve Health; Health
B12 & IV
Muscle Spasm; Rehab
Electrical Stimulation
Spine; Bones; Joints
X Ray Exam
Decompression; Pain
Spinal Traction
Blood Tests
Tendinopathy; Healing
Medical Laser
Orthotics; Foot Pain
3D Scan